Surface employee information with generative AI for HR

Surface employee connections with AI

The only generative AI solution for HR and people data, GoProfiles makes finding information about your employees and team as simple as asking AI.
Surface employee information with generative AI for HR
GoProfiles gives AI powered team insights

See AI powered team insights

Uncover more about your team with GoProfiles’ generative AI assistant. Ask questions like ‘are there new hires near me?’ and get an instant reply.
Surface employee information with GoProfiles AI

Find peers without searching

Don’t waste time searching for the right point of contact. Surface employee information with AI to easily identify and connect with coworkers.
GoProfiles AI employee experience platform

Quickly learn about employees

Fetch a summary of teammates with AI for HR. We’ll aggregate data from their profile and achievements to provide a complete picture of each employee.
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Automate peer recognition with AI

Automate peer recognition

Promote peer recognition by making the process automatic. GoProfiles’ Al assistant suggests the right bravo and even helps you draft your thanks.
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Find and discover employee information and connections easily

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