Employee map for remote and hybrid orgs

Visualize your distributed team on an employee map

Explore the reaches of your team with GoProfiles’ employee map. Connect with peers locally and find ways to collaborate with colleagues globally.

Employee map for remote and hybrid orgs
Explore city-level locations for any employee

Navigate the world map to build relationships

Drag, zoom in, zoom out, expand, and collapse a global map to explore the city-level locations of employees near and far.

Filter employees by profile attributes

Filter by attributes to hone in on shared connections

Narrow in on results using attributes from employee profiles and click on individual icons to learn more details like employee time zone and title.

View your org’s geographic composition and find employee hubs

Find where natural hubs exist to inform decision-making

Whether it’s a new office, the next company offsite, or just happy hour, see where employee hubs are to make sure plans align with your org’s geographic composition.

Learn which coworkers live in your neck of the woods
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