Employee profiles

Connect with your team through employee profiles

When job titles and contact records aren’t enough, rely on GoProfiles to provide employee information that creates connection.
Employee profiles
Employee contact information and bio

Employee contact information and bio

Learn about coworkers and how to get in touch. Employee profiles show contact info, work anniversary, location, socials, bio, and more.
Give peer recognition and see accomplishments

Peer recognition and accomplishments

Get context into your team’s past accomplishments and see the impact colleagues have made with Bravos and achievements reflected on their profiles.
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Org chart and reporting structure

Org chart and reporting structure

Visualize organizational structure and leadership. Zoom into an employee’s immediate reporting hierarchy to understand how teams are connected.
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Instant access to profiles with GoLinks

Instant access to profiles with GoLinks

Already a GoLinks user? Type go/@name in your address bar to instantly navigate to an employee’s profile — no need to search.
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Give a Bravo to show appreciation
Give a bravo
For any appreciation occasion
Celebrate anniversaries and birthdays
Earn achievements
That celebrate milestones
View employee locations
View location
When best to collaborate
Find employee contact information
Make a connection
With contact and personal info

Integrate people data easily

No manual updating required—ever. Automatic syncs with your HR or IT platforms keep your people data current as changes occur. Whether staffing, reporting structure, title changes, or new hires, employee records in GoProfiles update seamlessly.
Integrate people data

Find and discover employee information and connections easily

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