Profiles integrates with
your team’s workflow

Profiles provides the best way for you to connect with the software you use every day. For a more seamless experience, we’re bringing it to some of your favorite tools and apps.

Profiles® app for Slack

Get notified of new Bravos

Choose a channel and receive a notification every time a bravo is given out in your company
Profiles bravos notification on slack
Profiles bravos notification on slack

Birthday and work anniversary wishes

Automatically send notifications to a chosen channel to celebrate employee birthdays and work anniversaries
Profiles work anniversary and birthday messages on Slack

Give Bravos directly in Slack

Use message shortcuts to give a bravo to your coworkers within Slack
Giving bravos on Slack

Customize your notifications

You can customize which channel and messages to send from the Integrations tab in the Admin Console of the Profiles platform

Add the Profiles® app for Slack today to start celebrating your team’s accomplishments!