Peer recognition platform

Authentic peer-to-peer recognition visible to everyone

Don’t let praise go unnoticed. Cultivate a culture of gratitude with Bravos to show appreciation, recognition, and thanks.
Peer recognition platform
View peer recognition in employee profiles

See achievements on employee profiles

Gain context on employees through peer feedback. Leadership, managers, and teammates will see the strengths and skills an individual brings.
Use peer feedback for performance reviews

Use Bravos to aid in performance reviews

With Bravos, managers glean insights into how direct reports are collaborating with peers and making a positive impact across the company.
Learn which employees consistently make an impact

Learn who makes a consistent impact

Bravos given and received are visible on an activity feed. Teammates who give and receive the most public recognition will climb the leaderboard.
Peer-to-peer recognition in Slack

Celebrate peer recognition in Slack

Surface Bravos in Slack — your team’s go-to communication channel. React, comment, and show appreciation in real time.
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“Bravos are constantly active, and provides for company-wide recognition and participation.”

Val Rupp
Val Rupp, Chief People Officer

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